Marry Christmas! Holidays?

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December 25, 2014 by jayce428


Today is Christmas or Yule or Jul… Whatever you celebrate I wish you all a very good day, and for those who are celebrating to day a festive day. We’ll be indulging in pizza and spicy chicken wings. Well I’ll be indulging in my own vegetarian pizza which will be equally as good.

We have plenty of leftovers to last us through the end of the year – I don’t think we’ll be starving.

The only thing I’m curious about if it’s going to snow at all this year! We haven’t had any snow yet, and around now I’m doubtful that we’ll have any at all which isn’t all together a bad thing.

Later today, probably after lunch we’ll open presents and I’ll let you guys know what all I got this year in a collective post. I’m just happy that the stressful part is over and I can enjoy the end of the year drinking cold apple cider, and meticulously planning my future career as a distributor of collars and floggers (along with many other things).

I was having some trouble this holiday looking for some cute collars that weren’t too stiff and were colorful, but I love kitten collars (without the bell) it feels kind of weird buying a kitten collar. I was glad I was able to order puppy ears from I wasn’t sure if she sold puppy stuff so I took a look and she had some puppy ears that I liked.

So please have a wonderful day or a happy holiday to everyone.

Pup Bear

<O — O


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