150 Shades of Play by EM&LO – Review

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December 21, 2014 by jayce428

41LdGJtIPxL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Before now I didn’t have any books about BDSM, most of my information I had came directly from other friends who engaged in BDSM activities, others that I talked to on Fetlife, and BDSM articles online. I also had a sense of what BDSM was for me and that plays a big part of what I put on my blog.

I received this in the mail from Amazon two days a go, and have realized that there are many subjects that I haven’t touched at all. And have recently been trying to incorporate what I’ve been learning.

I’ve taken my time to read some of the blurbs about various subject including: nipple clamps and many more. This was indeed very much more informative then the Fifty Shades of Gray series. I would suggest this book to someone who is even thinking about starting incorporating BDSM into their private or public lives – except for anyone thinking about pet play.

The only unfortunate part that I was disappointed about was the fact that when they talked about any sort of pet play they only referred to pony play. If done correctly they should have generalized about pet play or incorporated more forms of pet play.

“This is a helpful and hilarious illustrated A-to-Z guide includes: 

How to’s on role play, dirty talk, spanking, bondage & more. 

Important safety info missing from the Fifty Shades trilogy.

A voyeuristic peek at all of Christian Grey’s “hard limits”

Tips on shopping for top-of-the-line kinky accouterments

Notes on what the Fifty series got wrong about BDSM

Everything beginners need to know to get their kink on!” 

If I had to give this book a rating out of five, I’d say three out of five. I know their was just one fault and it seemed that it could have been much more planned out, maybe instead of just chucking a bunch of different forms of BDSM into one book – instead split up different relationships in the BDSM community, and what that relationship would incorporate.


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