Best Nipple Clamps

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December 20, 2014 by jayce428


I am a link.

Recently I purchased a new set of nipple clamps, and had a difficult time choosing because I didn’t have many good (or reliable) references. But I was watching a video on YouTube about G-pup in San Fran and he had made many good purchases from Mr S Leather, and since I became an affiliate with I decided that I would purchase the ‘Japanese Clover Clamps’. Clover clamps are also known as butterfly clamps.

Now, the reason I decided on these was because: I liked the design, their connected (so I won’t loose them), and they tighten when weight is applied.

Now my nipples aren’t quite as sensitive as others and they look great aesthetically. These might not be for beginners because they hold on so tightly, so if you’re not into pain or not sure about what you’re doing. I did try them on a pup friend (has much more sensitive nipples) who said he loved them, maybe a future gift in mind.


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