12/18/2014 – Journal

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December 19, 2014 by jayce428

J462Today is at an end and I find that during the time closer to Christmas. There is the fact that we make tons of food, and there’s the spending of a grande amount money. I get to the point I get close to hyperventilating.

I wasn’t able to ‘pup out’ last-night which is a travesty in itself. I am very excited for one thing this Christmas, my parents bought me a pup hood and a pair of jeans, but the pup hood probably won’t be here in time for Christmas. We’ve recently decided that we would allow each other to order what we want at a limit. I still order some unexpected gifts for my parents though.

I wasn’t quite sure what to get people this year, but then I remember my mom loves Starbucks and there’s one near her work so gift card and reusable travel cup it is. My dad on the other hand a new coat, weight set, and multi-utility tool with a knife. I am an opportunist I know that I can always ask to use them in the future, except the gift card.

The most exciting part of Christmas is the happiness of those I love – though it may sound cheesy.


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