Uniforms – for Beginners

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December 18, 2014 by jayce428

tumblr_mw1xwnsPJ41sjna1ho1_500Uniforms are maybe one of my favorite part of being in the community, besides pup play that is. Uniforms help to increase the realism of the play along with other props including furniture and general atmosphere. My personal favorite uniform is a military style uniform, I find that military uniforms bring out the sub in me, versus a police uniform for whatever reason brings out my Dom side.

I don’t wear uniforms everyday but when I do I usually wear more feminine outfits that appeal to being a sub (mainly PVC or latex) – it’s not really confusing really that I like to crossdress as a FTM (Female to Male transsexual). I only crossdress at opportune times when I’m with other fetishist or kinksters.

But the preference of uniforms will vary person to person. Uniforms for some can be a day to day experience, and others can wear them for role-play purposes.

Uniforms can be latex or rubber which can be part of your fetish.

There are other uniforms like School girl and cheerleader, which can be part of age play for those who are interest in it. These are very popular especially because of the idea of innocence and probably because of the vulnerability.

There are various different uniforms out there that can be found all over the internet, but it’s quite difficult to find much information on the subject. I was able to find others who are interested in uniforms quite easily.


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