Aftercare – For Beginners

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December 17, 2014 by jayce428

1896763_10152285069219181_654696171_nAftercare maybe one of the most important parts of BDSM, after play itself of course.

It includes: Communication and Soothing

After play you might want to give your sub some water and food like ice cream or something like that. Maybe let them sit down and cuddle up in a warm blanket.

If it’s your pet put a warm blanket in their cage.

But talk with your sub and pet to make sure both are getting what they want out of the relationship or during play.

If there was any flogging, spanking, or any impact play it’s suggested that you use ice on the area to prevent bruising or a topical cream such as Arnicare.

Aftercare is essential even if your sub is your pet and no impact play is really involved.

I might go as far as to tell you that it might behoove you if you’re with yourself, like a pup or kitten you have a different state of mind during play, might want to gather yourself afterwords and see what you might want to change or include.

This is just a suggestion and this might vary person to person but any form of aftercare should include communication and soothing. Don’t leave your sub alone after play and not do anything, it’s essential for the relationship. Your sub is still a human being even if they are in a position lower then you.


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