Pre-Op FtM Pups Tips

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December 14, 2014 by jayce428

I find as a pre-op ftm it’s difficult to get into pup-space when I’m thinking about my female parts that I don’t like. So I’ve experimented with what makes me feel more masculine.


Lower-body: Before inserting my tail I like to slip on something that’s going to something a bit more comfortable, like a jockstrap, so that I can insert a packer (it’s like a prosthetic penis for FTMs) into the pouch which also prevents dysphoria. I know that the a packer is a bit larger then the average male’s genitals but the aesthetic is the appealing part.

Upper-body: As a pre-op ftm I have a large chest (commonly refered to as chest-icles as a play on words in the FTM community), the most logical piece of clothing to wear would be a chest binder so the breasts aren’t prominent.

This is basically it for FTMs, but also try to wear protective gear like: kneepads, gloves, and footwear.

The only downside to wearing a binder during pup play is that it restricts breathing, and the fact that you can still see a little of your breasts (unless your pretty flat chested already). These suggestions could be applied to other forms of pet play including pony play, kitten play, or other pets.


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