Vaginal Sex!


December 12, 2014 by jayce428

As I’ve said before that sex isn’t the main goal of being in a BDSM relationship, but I’m not saying that the couple or group can’t have sex because they are in a BDSM relation – that’s not what I’m saying at all.For those who are into vaginal sex it might be fun for most but most women don’t orgasm with penetration, and there is lots of foreplay before any of it goes down.

For Women: Start taking birth control pills before you become sexually active if you don’t want to get pregnant or if you’re under the age of 18 and can’t support a child. Either party can carry the condom but it’s best for both to carry condoms with you, and not in a wallet – make sure if you currently own condoms that they haven’t expired.

Yes, condoms can Expire. 

For Men: Carry condoms that fit your penis or strap-on – if are using a strap-on acquire condoms that are lubricated, or keep water based lubricant around.

The rules may vary depending if the male is cis-gender or transgender, if the male is transgender the women won’t necessarily need to take birth control before intercourse.

I don’t have any secrets to having the perfect fuck, nobody except you and your partner can figure that out. Different things work for different people.


2 thoughts on “Vaginal Sex!

  1. Sharn says:

    Actually I would say that any woman wanting to look at safe birth control should talk to her local doctor and discuss the myriad of options that isn’t limited to birth control pills since they don’t always work or may cause side effects depending on the woman involved.

    All girls should investigate all options and talk to a professional about birth control and what would suit them.


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