What is cutting/play piercing/burning/branding? What are “bloodsports”?

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December 11, 2014 by jayce428


Play that involves bloodshed such as cutting the skin, piercing it with clean needles, or sometimes whipping to the the point of breaking the skin.  

Piercing & Cutting


During Play Piercing the Dominant(s) will use sterile needles to pierce the skin of the sub. The needle most appropriate for Piercing Play would be the Cannula needle which has a bit on the end which tappers out from the actual needle – this is the best because you won’t lose your needles or have trouble finding them, and they come packaged in individual little plastic for one time use only.


Cutting Play should be done with a very sharp blade with minimum pressure applied, the ideal tool for the job would be a disposable safety scalpel that can be purchased at your local pharmacy or online. No you don’t need to have a fancy number used by a clinic to buy them. Again! These are disposable for a reason if you are going to reuse them only do so on the same person. 

Burning & Branding

candle heart






Burning in the community is a form of Edge play where the sub’s skin is usually exposed to a fame, and they generally experience fear. I see this would also help the Master gain the trust of their sub. 




Branding is usually a way to have a permanent mark showing that the sub or slave belongs to a dominant. There are many thing I didn’t know about this subject until, so in order to inform you guys to my best ability did some research. 

About branding some Rules to follow.
1. You should have some ice for after the branding.
2. You want to get the iron very hot to insure of short time of branding.
3. you may want to use pliers to hold the iron.
4. Use a plate or something that is not combustible to lay the hot iron on.
5. You want the submissive dress in something comfortable, and sitting in comfortable chair so they may be at ease.
6. The branding should be mapped out, so the submissive knows what to expect. Both sides agree with what have been mapped out long before the branding takes place.
7. At this time you may want to apply the ice to the branding You also do not want to forget the aftercare of the submissive. That to is

very important. After the branding the submissive will becoming down from sub space and that is when the pain of the branding will start.
8. When branding in a collaring ceremony is something very special for both so please remember to keep a safe distain from were the branding is taking place. So this there is no disruption that could not only dangerous but can be dramatic for both.




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