Kitten Play

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December 10, 2014 by jayce428

tumblr_myknmpg0Oj1sgmzpdo1_250Kitten Play doesn’t have a general constant behavior, but Kittens and their Owners have a D/s relationship which classifies it as a BDSM relationship, but pets might not be into other BDSM activities. Pets aren’t the same as furries even though they portray animals, many furries don’t have an Owner and don’t involve themselves in animalistic behavior.

Kittens may live with their Owner 24/7 or be with them during a certain time specific to their agreement, or have a long-distant relationship.

Kittens usually wear furry tails and a collar with a bell small or large, unlike pups who don’t usually wear furry tails and collars usually don’t have any bells.

Not all pets are the same and should be treated as individuals, but always getting the Owner’s consent to pet their kitties or pups.


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