Exhibitionism – For Beginners

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December 7, 2014 by jayce428

Why do people do Exhibitionism?

The few reasons people commit acts of of exhibitionism: (1) because their Dom/me commanded them to do it, (2) the thrill of it, (3) and for shock value. 

Where do people do their exhibitionism?

Some in public discreetly and others not so discreetly. There are some do this in private in the dungeon or in their homes.

Are the subs the only ones to do this or do their Dom/mes participate?

I would imagine that exhibitionism would be an act that would be done by someone with submissive or masochistic qualities – if the dom or domme were a bit submissive or masochistic I don’t see why not.

Isn’t exhibitionism humiliating?  

You might thinks so but it’s not – humiliation and hurt is inflicted and exhibition is by the consent of the submissive, but then some might view it as otherwise. Some subs might view it as pride


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