Are Pets Submissive or Dominant?

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December 6, 2014 by jayce428

tumblr_mumqs9CecM1s5qr5ko1_500Unlike most conventional forms of BDSM, pet play seems to be the one area where it’s not always clear to those looking from the outside. Most might assume that the Owner is by default the dominant in the relationship, but it could be the pet who has the most dominant personality.

But typically the pet is the submissive and the owner is the dominant in the D/s relationship. I am not familiar with the dynamics of the pet being the dominant and the owner/trainer being submissive.

Depending on the animal of the pet cats/kittens are usually submissive and dogs/pups are usually dominant.

As a pup I am very submissive towards Masters and Trainers but towards other pups I can be pretty possessive and even attempt to be the alpha in the group of pets, and this is because I’m not exactly fully submissive – I see myself as a Switch.

Please remember the dynamic between other pets and their owners maybe different, and it’s very unlikely that their relationship will be exactly a match to your own Master/pet relationship.

But this is a basis for relationship between Owner/Trainer and pet


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