The Pleasures of a good spanking! Yes, please sir.

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December 5, 2014 by jayce428



I was never spanked as a child as a form of punishment, and to think about it my parents never struck me ever out of anger or used any physical ways of punishing me. I hadn’t every been punished by anyone else, and had never experienced a spanking before in my life.

But once I had I was hooked!!

This part of me does probably translate into my pup play, I did allow my original Owner to spank me or use a crop on me as a form of punishment. Even though I never engaged in any form of sex being spanked is a huge turn on!

If you haven’t had it done to you at least once then you might be missing out something amazing. The first time I really got into being spanked was when I stayed over at a friends house for the night, and we had all sorts of fun her friends were kinky and so were her parents.

These are the type of people who are so far open minded they really don’t give a shit, as long it’s consensual. We didn’t engage in any form of sex while I was there but was groped pretty good, and had some good immature fun while I was there.



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