12/4/2014 – Journal

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December 5, 2014 by jayce428



I feel like every year I play catch-up with the amount of money is in my bank account after Christmas. I think I spent well over $300 on presents for myself, mother, father, and some other people. Unfortunately, I have to buy for people I don’t ever see. The fortunate part being I’m still considered a child in the family’s eyes, and yes I’m entirely serious it’s great getting more presents then the adults. But it’s still mostly my responsibility to make sure all the sweets get made for our annual gathering.

The life of a pup is hard! 

Just kidding, I’ve been getting other stuff done too, my hands have been hard at work organizing to set up shop on Etsy. I still need to order more paracord.

In my spare time I’ve been watching either YouTube videos or Heros on Netflix – if you haven’t seen it I’d suggest giving it a go. I generally watch Netflix on the Windows app but it hasn’t been running smooth so I’ve been using the Ipad. If you don’t own a tablet at all DON’t go and buy a Kindle, their a pain in the arse, everyone in my family has one and their so complicated, save your money to get an Ipad ($300-$600) or Nexus ($60-$200)  tablet their so much simpler.



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