The Struggle of Conformity

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December 2, 2014 by jayce428










Since my school years I’ve struggled with conforming with social norms: I couldn’t find a common religion that I agreed with, I couldn’t find anything in common with others around in my area, and I was always interested in the opposite then others around me.

From a young age my father taught me nothing about religion and didn’t force one on me, and given this advantage I took it upon myself to study different religion but I find the subject of religion to be quite distasteful. I decided that religion was left to the philosophers. By the age of 6, I knew quite a lot about sex and relationships. I always researched this that caught my attention.

The thing I found out was that conformity was for the cattle, or something like that. I became agnostic and vegetarian, and also discovered I was transsexual (oh boy, now I know I understand) which lessened my anxiety and depression.

I did intense sessions of research on all the things I was interested in, and I was determined not to let the ‘cis-gendered’ or vanilla communities from ruining my life. I was pretty fed up with being depressed and living with all the anxiety.

There’s a time in life you’ve got to say ‘fuck it’, if you want to do the things you want, and stop doing things people expect you to do with your life.


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