Using ‘Clean’ To describe HIV Status – Stop it!! – HIV Shower Challenge

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December 1, 2014 by jayce428

I wasn’t previously aware of this issue but again I’m not surprised. G-pup talks about a friend of his had an encounter, someone on a dating or app for cruising for guys, the person messaging his friend was asking for bareback sex, and the friend told the man that he was HIV positive the person told him to “go off and die”.


This relates to this blog because gay men and women are also part of the BDSM community, and I would be pretty depressed or pissed-off (depends on the context) if someone told me to “go off and die”. And the most important piece of information to retain is that not only do gay men and women have AIDS/HIV but so do others who aren’t of the LGBT community.

I’m pretty proud of this challenge going around – it’s called the “HIV Shower Challenge” – you can search it on YouTube and get over 400 hits, but sadly only a few are even related to the actual challenge. This challenge was started was originally to raise money for help researchers to find an AIDS and HIV cure: you can click here to donate to the “Foundation for AIDS research”.


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