Choosing the Right Collar for you – For pups/subs/slaves


December 1, 2014 by jayce428


When I initially bought a red leather collar that had studs on the outside, and I loved the aesthetics of the collar – the unfortunate bit was the fact that every time I wore the collar my hair would get tangled on the studs and I would have to yank my hair from off the studs, and it was too long for my neck (14-19 inches).

So the things you need to keep into account is: length and decorations. The ideal would be to measure the circumference of your neck before going to the shop (probably pet shop or a BDSM/kink shop if you have one in your area).

You could go for a collar that has embellishments like studs, spikes, or stones. Embellishments like spikes might be too sharp for group play and a pup could get hurt – spiked collars were intended to protect the necks of a dog since that it’s a vulnerable area.

1) Choose a leather that is going to be comfortable to wear. Suede is the softest and perfect for prolonged wear.
2) All the edges of the collar must be rounded. Square edges will bite into a slave’s neck and be a constant irritant.
3) Rivets are a cheap easy way to fasten leather goods together, the problem is these metal rivets can irritate the sensitive skin of the neck when the slave begins to sweat or has to wear the collar for extend periods of time. Avoid rivets in collars and bondage gear

All of these issues will make the collar uncomfortable, stop the slave from wanting to wear it and distract the slave from focusing on your commands. An itchy, irritated neck isn’t the best tool for focusing a slave’s attention and you need all of a slave’s attention if you want them to obey.

4) In My personal opinion, I have to have a locking collar. This way the slave knows that the collar can not come off, until I (the Dominant) decide to take it off. It just reinforces your control and Domination.



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