Pet Play – Social interaction, pack, and hierarchy.

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November 30, 2014 by jayce428


The diagram shows a simple example of different forms of hierarchy, example A and C is the most commonly used examples of what a dog or canine hierarchy would look like, and probably is the best example.

Some owners will use different levels of collaring to put their pups in different levels of hierarchy within the pack, or the pups will communicate amongst themselves (using barks, growls, and general pup communication) where they see themselves in the pack or group. The hierarchy usually depends on a few different variables: age, size, and strength.

As a pup, I would be interesting to be around other pups sharing the same Master, but wouldn’t be particularly interested in this aspect. I think if the situation would arise of sharing a Master I would only like to have a brother or sister, more of a nurturing stimulus instead of being intimidated and trying to stay in high position in a hierarchy.


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