Why I Pup Play?

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November 29, 2014 by jayce428

Just a cute video that made me bark and wag my tail – great for pups and Owners/Trainers. Check out The Pet Collective on YouTube.

So this might be the most asked question to all pets ( even if you’re kitten, bunny, pup, or any other kind of pet), and this is different for every pet especially when they live polar opposite lives. Some get into pet play for the simple reason of releasing stress, and merging with a frame of mind of living in the now instead of future or past. This is without a doubt one reason why I practice pup play.

The few reasons. That I involve myself in pup play include: to release daily stress relinquishing almost all responsibilities to another person that I trust, and to bond with another person without having to speak using any human languages.


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