Pup Space – What is it?

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November 27, 2014 by jayce428


I realized with all the posts I’ve done none of them thoroughly defines what pup space is, and I suspect that for some who might not be in the scene so I want to explain to everyone what I would define as ‘pup space’.

Pupstail defined pup space as:

Puppy play is a type of role play with an emphasis on the altered mind space and canine status.

See more at: http://pupstail.com/2012/10/30/human-canine-headspace-by-wolf_puppy/#sthash.BFGDsRXF.dpuf

This is essentially the change of head space – which can be changed by external chemicals and medications (like cocaine and alcohol) to change your head space, and then their are internal chemicals (like adrenaline). People might believe that pup space is necessary for pup play but really it’s a necessity, you really don’t need it but it’s really nice. You can still be involved with pup play, but it’ll not be as exciting as when you’re in the position.

There are many triggers people connect with pup space: smells/scents, feeling of a collar, getting on all fours, barking, and many more. I find that when I get over excited or aroused I can get into my pup space quite easily. It’s never been a struggle for me.


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