My Pup-space – Negotiation Example

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November 26, 2014 by jayce428

I am answering questions from the Puppy Play Pride negotiation website. This might be an example you would you use with a new Owner or Trainer. I would use this if I was negotiating terms of pup play with a potential Master. I personally don’t want just a Trainer but a Owner, please don’t get offended by this it’s just a personal preference.


My pup name is Bear. This was given to me by my friend while we played and it’s stuck with me for a while, and it’s something I’m quite proud of. I don’t have any nicknames since this is short already.

Pup Personality

I am a older pup but still very much a pup. I love to play and snuggle…

I have some training but pretty much wild. I will still jump on anyone around while in pup-space.

I would describe my pup personality as protective, nurturing, playful, and loyal. I will protect others especially Master and pup mates. I’ll play around with Master fetching and playing tug of war.


I don’t currently have a partner but wouldn’t mind what role he played in my pup play experience.


I don’t need much to go into pup-space – it’s basically put my collar on and get on all fours, and I’m pretty much in my pup space. Call me by my pup name and I’ll bark and wag my tail. Their’s no real thing that I require in pup-space whatever Master wants – we can train or I can be a companion. I do require praise and correction – treat me how you would treat any other dog, if I do something bad say “no” and if I so something worth praise say “good boy”.

I wouldn’t mind being in public while in my pup-space, or in the house but I’ll bark at anyone who knocks on the door. And sniff your friends when they enter the home.

I wouldn’t mind being asked to do something in my pup-space, I’d prefer to be asked then just randomly told to do something.

Gender Identification

I guess this is quite important to some people. I like to be treated like a boy pup, as a trans person I don’t want someone mistaking me for a girl pup.


I did do a post on this earlier but my pup self is a wolf-dog.

Pup Speech

As a pup I will never use full human speech, but instead I will use partial speech sort of like Scooby Doo. I am very vocal as a pup and tend to use lots of whimpering to get attention.


The current gear I use is:

  • Fur Tail w/ Butt Plug
  • Fur ears
  • Collar
  • No Underwear
  • Fur clothing

Toys and Props


  • Squeaky rubber ball
  • Squeaky stuffed animal


  • Chunky Vegetarian Soup
  • Snacks (Yogurt pretzels and Candy)
  • Homemade biscuits


As mentioned earlier I fallow very few commands as a pup and the ones that I fallow include:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Fetch
  • Heel
  • Speak


This varies person to person, if you are going to use the outside as your bathroom then make sure your yard is fenced so no one can see in or you live in the middle of a forest like me. I will urinate outside only to mark my territory as a pup, but otherwise when I need to go I will take a brake from pup play to do so.


A safeword to stop and slowdown are important even for pups. Have a gesture or word to warn your Master/Trainer you’re feeling uncomfortable. As a pup if I’m getting uncomfortable I’ll start whimpering and act anxious by making myself smaller even using a submissive pose.




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