Puppy Play – Choosing a Breed

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November 25, 2014 by jayce428

As a wolf hybrid, I found that it was difficult to find a breed or type of canine that I identified with, and as someone who is more of an outcast and different then most I found that a wolf hybrid was most like my personality – and fit my lifestyle. Also remembering to think about the breed that is aesthetically pleasing to you.

  • Known breed (Beagle, Dalmatian, Spaniel, Retriever, etc.)
  • Unknown breed
  • Wild Breed (Wolf, Fox, Hyena, etc.)
  • Fanciful breed (Cerberus, Hell Hound, Werewolf)

Just finding a breed you relate with is the key. After finding out what kind of breed or multiple breeds, it’s quite common to purchase gear that helps you connect and establish the appearance of your breed. The way easiest way to connect with my pup space is to have a fur tail instead of a rubber or neoprene and a pair of dog ears that match the color of my hair.


I chose a wolf hybrid because I find I’m a biter very wild. As a person I don’t have great verbal communication and have an easier time with non verbal communication, but I’m able to explain what my needs and wants are. I am very loyal. It doesn’t take a collar for me to acknowledge that I belong to an owner.

To find out what breed you would fit best as you can take online tests like this one on Dogtime.com. Some breeds are more active then others, and still depending on the pup’s personality they can be less or more active then typical of the breed.

A suggested resource for beginning pups would be the Puppy Play Pride website – their negotiation form gives a pup plenty to think about while just in the midst of still deciding whether to get into pup play or not.



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