11/23/2014 – Journal

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November 24, 2014 by jayce428

As you may have realized that I’ve decided to do only journal posts on the weekends, and I’ve made this decision because I’ve started working on orders and this just gives me the weekend to get any orders ready to ship on the weekends.

Wednesday seems to be the day I get the most views on here anyway, so this decision shouldn’t dramatically change the amount of viewers I get in a week. Speaking of viewers I recently hit 500 which just blows my mind. I did dig up a comment out of the spam folder so just be aware in the future if you don’t see your comment go up immediately it’s not be cause I’ve rejected it (but I have rejected comments due to ignorance of the person commenting).

The really point of this post: I wanted to touch on the reason I post on here at all. I know that my site is viewed mostly by 18+ viewers, but the basis for blogging is so that anyone who is still growing up to show that this is normal. Having feelings about things such as this are totally normal, which is something I could have used as a teenager. Taking something like this that’s relatable in every sense of the word and just kind of throwing it out there for others to relate to.

But this has also benefited me as well since I get to articulate my feelings on BDSM and sex in general. Though I am going to do many more sex related post later on. I feel the best part has been the fact that now I wake up before 8 am.

There has been so much that has been happening in the last month: this blog got established, I’m working on creating handmade products, and I’m working on a book. So yeah, lots of stuff to do I’ve already started the book which I’ve decided to start with pet play related books. The main reason for doing this because the only book I can find on pet play or puppy play is Woof! by Michael Danials which is a whopping $300 for a paper back book on Amazon. So I’ll be selling my book as an e-book for only $4 to download onto your tablet or phone, you’d only be paying for my time and dedication to the book.


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