11/22/2014 – Journal

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November 23, 2014 by jayce428


I know this is the only post you’ll be getting today, I’m home for the day since we’re celebrating the birth of my Grandmother who past away four years ago. I know it seems like an odd celebration, but it’s quite nice to come around every year to celebrate such a great and wonderful person. She was probably the support for our family.

She was one of the most kind and caring person despite being transsexual and gay. She would put aside the teachings of her faith and treat anyone human. This is one of the few people I was able to confide in about just about anything without judgement.

In other news, it’s becoming winter and this pup enjoys the winter time very much. Since most people in the household are gone during this time it allows me to go outside with my ears on without being inconspicuous. I love living in the midst of a forest.

I’m ashamed to say that I know what I’m getting from my parents since we’ve already had a discussion bout braking the tradition, and getting what I want so that at least it’ll be useful to me.

I’m really excited about Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year since we spend more time together as a family and not just passing by and saying ‘hi’ when we get a chance.

So that’s about it for the moment and I’ll update you tomorrow with another journal post.

Please enjoy this recipe which is a tradition for our family to make every year… They are amazing!! If you haven’t tried them I would absolutely suggest it but we add a little extra rum/bourbon because we can, and it adds a little kick. Might even be a great idea for your pup/kitten for treats. I’ll try to sneak in some pictures of our Christmas treats.


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