Single in the Scene

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November 22, 2014 by jayce428


Many might not agree with this but this is what I’ve learned. Being single even if you’re in the scene or not, being single for a long period of time seems to be ridiculed and treated like a joke.

Being single in the scene isn’t as bad as it would be made out to be. There is much most people aren’t sure about. Some might believe that there is very little you can do without a Master/Owner, but there are many things that can be done: continual learning obedience, and learn what you want in a Master.

I don’t limit myself when I’m single because it doesn’t concern me. Being single shouldn’t be a fear that someone has, it doesn’t make it a game for you. There is always plenty of time to find a Master and it shouldn’t be something that is rushed. It doesn’t make me or you less of a submissive/slave/pet if you’re without a Master for a longer period of time then most others.

I have chosen to be single because I don’t want to choose the wrong Master. I haven’t found a Master that I feel would be a match for me, and it would be a poor choice to settle with someone who doesn’t meet my needs.


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