Primal Play

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November 22, 2014 by jayce428


pri·maladjective \ˈprī-məl\

very basic and powerful

Full Definition of PRIMAL


The essential idea of primal play is going back to basics – using what you were born with: teeth, nails, hair, skin, etc. Most of those who are just getting in BDSM believe that they have to have merchandise that has cost them over $100, and most of what you get from your local grocer would suffice. But the easiest and cheapest gear is what you were born with: your body.

Primal would probably look like a wrestling match to anyone watching, but primal is getting back to raw instinct. Dominantguide said best:

“…primal play is broader than that: I want to start from or get to a place, where the feelings are primary- pure, raw, animal emotions, sensation and/or instinct. It could be fear, vulnerability, desire, grief, or any profound emotional state. I want to get to a place where words are gone- there may be grunting, growling, moaning, nonsense syllables crying or silence; maybe even all of above. “Primal” applies, as per Merriam Webster, in a way that’s raw, past rational thought, animalistic, instinctual. It’s pure, core, raw emotion without a lot of the sensibility and good training that gets layered over that.”

Since primal is so raw emotions and desires are unfiltered the participants are able to be frank about what they want. There can be a form of edge play with the way the dominant can induce fear and become quite rough physically with the submissive or slave.


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