What does “collaring” mean?

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November 21, 2014 by jayce428

Collaring is when a dominant/master/owner presents the submissive/slave/pet with a collar that symbolizes ownership. Collaring may hold different meanings depending on the Dom/owner, and maybe treated differently (some might have different levels of collars for their subs/pets). There are many different ceremonies when someone gets collared especially between a sub and pet.

Collars sometimes are earned by training and continued obeying your Master/Owner. As I understand a collar is an important piece binding the sub/pet to the Master, and when collared wouldn’t remove a collar consent or if removed by a Master.

Being collared isn’t exactly something one would jump right into. It’s a commitment that and would be something you shouldn’t rush into. There should be a time between where you and a potential Master do a test run for about a month or so. Not everyone is compatible and the relationship might not work due to a couple who is incompatible.


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