How I got into Pup Play?

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November 20, 2014 by jayce428

I don’t know if many started out with pup play the same way I got started – sort of identified with the role of being a dog or pup, and have understood that people own pets for various reasons and the main reasons being company or to train for shows. I began researching the personality and the needs and wants of a pup, and I found it wasn’t terribly difficult to getting into my pup space. Actually, it was more difficult monitoring if when I was in my pup space, and would be in my pup space even if I didn’t intend to be.

I found a person in my community that was willing to play owner for part of the day, and we were friends so it was just something that brought us together as friends. I was 16 years old and I was already excited to wear a collar. I adored being praised and given treats for doing tricks (sitting, laying down, and barking). I had a good idea of what I was emulating since I was very open minded. It’s been a while since I’ve been owned and have gathered much more substantial information since then, and purchased some of the items associated with puppy play such as: a collar and tail.

So to sum it up, I got into puppy play because I enjoy it and because I like giving someone else the enjoyment of company. In the future I’d like to have an Master/pet relationship with a boyfriend but that’s a bit of a dream but it’s also a possibility. I’m not exactly rushing to find a Master because I’d like to know them first. Being into pup play and being a Female-to-male transsexual complicates things a bit.

The website that helped me a lot was They answered many questions that I asked about pup play.


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