What is body piercing? What is “C&B” play, or “genitorture”?

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November 19, 2014 by jayce428


Piercing Play

Piercings are used in a variety of ways in the BDSM community such as: pulling or playing with to induce a certain sensation (primarily sexual or painful) and using needles on their subs to heighten endorphins. Any needles or any hooks need to be sterilized before use and used only on one person (especially needles). Don’t use needles on more then one person and depose of needles in a sharps container afterwords, these are sold at Walmart and Walgreens.

I am a fan of piercings I have stretched ears, nipple piercings, and two anchor piercings on my back. Piercings have always been a way for people to express their style and a part of religious/cultural rituals. Some people don’t like them but that’s their problem and it’s no reason that someone with piercings should be ashamed of.

But please let the piercing heal first before doing any pulling or tugging so that the skin around the piercing heals properly.

In BDSM there is a part of the community that involve themselves with being suspended from what they call ‘flesh hooks’ this can be for art or a ‘rite of passage’. Now I’m not really into this but I have no problem with people who are, and I just like to sit on the sidelines and watch.

Genitourture or Genital Torture is a practice in the BDSM community where the sub being male or female is usually tied down and have their genitals whipped or sacked around (stepped on, tied, and other various methods).

Genital torture is referred to in many different ways such as CBT (Cock and ball torture), and I’m not sure what female genitalia torture would be referred to.

Genital torture might be incorporated into normal play or to punish the sub. The most important thing to remember about genital torture is to start slowly. There is a lot to get into with genital torture so if you wish for me to get more in depth about this subject please comment.



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