Journal – 11/18/2014

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November 19, 2014 by jayce428


Besides blogging I’ve developed a new hobby which I’m not quite used to yet – homemade crafts. I can’t do much that’s fancy but I’ve learned how to do quite a lot. My goal for next year is to have an Etsy shop established and have adverts for both blog and shop.

I’ve always been really educated on business even as a child, and have longed to run a business of my own I have the chance to do so. I don’t mind having to work but I dislike managers who don’t fully express what they are trying to say, and get upset with me because of their lack of communication skills.

Besides all that not fun stuff, I have been purchasing the supplies I need to create my products that I can put up on Etsy. I didn’t know where to buy the stuff I required but went to my local hardware store and bought some stuff, and the rest of the supplies will come Etsy stores – it seemed logical I’ve roughly calculated how much it’s going to cost, and how much I need to put the products up for so that I can make some profit out of it. Selling BDSM stuff on Etsy is just to get some extra spending money which I don’ have. But I do have a sewing machine and the tools to make the products of which I will be selling, and still sorting out that side of the business.

I’ll have to go through and learn how to use Excel again which I’m horrible at… Well not really, but since my day job doesn’t require me to know how to I don’t tend to retain it very long.

I am still in contact with my ‘playmate’, we talk at least twice a week, but life tends to get in the way. And I’m still on Fetlife.

I’m sorry if most of this was rambling, but I’ve just had a lot of plans and just random thoughts rattling around.


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