What’s a “switch”?

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November 18, 2014 by jayce428

1375895515Te37qaThis question is pretty ambiguous so in this post I will explain what a switch that is used on someone, and who a switch is in a relationship.

So a person who is referred to as a ‘switch’ is a person who likes to play the role of a dominate and submissive. I was disappointed to hear that these sort of people like bisexual people are viewed negatively in the community, because people believe that these people can’t do both or can’t be interested in doing both. As a person who identifies with this term, but I mostly like being submissive but have sadistic tendencies.

Switch’s aren’t a new concept in the community either, but maybe in the rise of acceptance both inside and outside the community people are telling people in the BDSM community that they would like to participate as a dominate and submissive. I believe that if we want acceptance from the public we have to accept everyone in the community, and not focus on only a part shunning other sub sections of the community because we don’t understand them.

il_570xN.663976996_6pdqA switch or a Cane is a piece of equipment used is a piece of equipment used for/during impact play. Canes should be only used during light impact play because they can cause the skin to tear which can cause a deep laceration in the skin, and you’ll have to call an ambulance.It’s more sensible not to do anything that you’d have a hard time explaining to a doctor or a nurse, but I’m pretty sure they’d say they’d heard just about anything before.

Canes/Switches are usually made out a durable wood which won’t splinter during play such as rattan and bamboo. This is a piece of equipment I would let someone use on me during play. Just to enforce how dangerous canes can be click here.


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