What about shaving body hair and/or crossdressing?

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November 17, 2014 by jayce428




Crossdressing is simply a male or female who enjoy wearing clothing of the opposite gender, and as a fetish or just dressing up has become much less taboo in society – not necessarily in all areas but in larger cities such as San Fran and other gay friendly cities. There are a variety of reasons people crossdress in public or in private places (homes or friends homes), and the main reasons being fetish (ex. transvestites) and non-fetish (ex. drag and crossdress) reasons.

But keeping on the track of fetishism – transvestism which is described as:

A person and especially a male who adopts the dress and often the behavior typical of the opposite sex especially for purposes of emotional or sexual gratification.


Now I’m not sure what they origionally intended when they suggested transvestism was ‘for the purposes of emotional’ gratification, but as an assumption they may have intended it to mean that transvestites might enjoy passing in public as male or female. But there are others who get sexual gratification from wearing female/male clothes maybe during sex or in general.

As I understand it, some personals (even in the cd/tv community) misuse the terms crossdressing is for the non-fetish side of things and tv is more sexualized version – I maybe entirely wrong about this but this is what I was raised to believe.



The information on the shaving fetish is quite limited and I don’t personally know much about this fetish so I will this will quite brief.

Now as an assumption there would be three aspects of this fetish: smell of shaving cream or aftershave, sight of shaved area, and watching/shaving an area of partners/self. As I have done my searching this can be of the person’s preference more popular head or genetaila.

There isn’t much information of this fetish that can be found online so I apologize for the lack of content in this section.


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