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November 16, 2014 by jayce428

As I am aware that some think of kink as ‘going down the rabbit hole’ type feeling, and effective way for people to mislead people into thinking that once you get into it you’ll never get our, or it’ll become the center of your life.

People have to start somewhere… So if you’re new to kink or BDSM I’d suggest holding off on purchasing big ticket items, and utilizing tools that you already own or isn’t going to coast you as much as a new computer – such as scarves and sleeping masks.

But before you get into any sort of play you need to make a list of your desires, and discuss it with your partner – please acknowledge that your partner may or may not be interested so don’t over-react if they say no.

If in the event they do reject the idea explore the idea of maybe finding others that are also interested and see where you go from there – it maybe in the realm of possibilities that you could potentially break up with your current partner, or you can make an agreement to meet with another person to play – but don’t do so behind your partner’s back.


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