Is anal sex safe? Why do people do it?

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November 16, 2014 by jayce428

Anal sex is a safe practice if you have the proper tools which would be: anal lube, condom, and enema. Many porn videos will feature actors going ‘bareback’ and some men will use the excuse that having sex with a condom is not enjoyable, but I don’t suggest going bareback due to the fact that any fecal matter that enters the urinary tract can cause serious infection – this is also important because one of the partners may  have an STD, and anal is viewed as one of the easiest ways to contract and STD.

There are only a few steps before having anal sex:

The one who will be bottoming or on the receiving end needs to purchase and use a enema to clean out the anal region. An enema should be used a 1-2 hours before anal sex, and maybe taking shower right before just to make sure everything is clean.

That’s about it.

Why people do it?

Well people have anal sex for the same reason most people have any sort of sex: pleasure. It doesn’t matter male or female there are all sorts of people who have anal sex. It’s been brought up for quite sometime that gay men have anal sex and oral sex for pleasure and to be intimate with their partner – lesbians and straight people have sex for many reasons which one namely is pleasure.

There is also the practice amongst Christian women having anal sex for the idea when they have anal they won’t lose their virginity.


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