Why is SM taboo, and is SM criminal, unnatural, immoral, unethical, or unhealthy?

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November 13, 2014 by jayce428

tumblr_m5q4r1YCTI1qkrzgpo1_500I don’t know at what age I identified with BDSM, but I never connected something being ‘taboo’ and bad – in fact when I hear something is taboo it’s sexy as fuck. I personally don’t think BDSM or SM is taboo, criminal, unnatural, immoral, unethical, or unhealthy.

In fact I’ve created a post proving that BDSM isn’t mentally unhealthy, but you have to be careful as to not damage your damage. Please click here for that post. It’s already been proven that BDSM actually helps to increase the bond and trust between partners. 

Immorality is something that can be determined by one person, because two different people can have opposing views on this subject, and with enough research one could argue the both sides. I was in a debate club where it was proved to me that with significant research a person can argue both sides. But I view morality as a undetermined line between right and wrong – using an example: in certain cultures women have to cover their entire body (every bit) or they will be killed, and in other cultures women can wear skimpy clothing and nothing will happen. I don’t see anything wrong with showing skin male or female, but others might be appalled by the idea.

Ethics is also like playing on a tight rope, if you can prevent it, avoid talking about ethics all together. Sorry guys I’m scared of debating ethics. It also varies from place to place and community to community, and right down to person to person. My opinion on this is keep ETHiCS in business and leave it out of your personal life.

Regarding BDSM being taboo is not a relatively new concept in society, this is primarily due to religion, and the ‘values’ that people have grown up with.  But you have to remember that some people view sex as perverted, and that’s a relatively sad concept. I am quite disappointed that members of my own society are afraid of human sexuality, and would rather have people be openly pleased with the pleasure they receive from their partner.

To conclude, I have a live and let live policy on life, as long as I’m not criticized for being what I am then I have no problem, but I will back my beliefs if someone starts up a conversation with me.


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