Ideal Gifts For Your Pet


November 13, 2014 by jayce428

It’s nearing towards Christmas and I was looking through my list of wants. Here is an idea for you guys in the perspective of a pet of what to get for your pup or kitten for Christmas or their birthday.


trojan_1Collars can be used to show ownership and as decoration. Most kittens are easy to please on the lines of collars, some like having bells that will ring as they move, and lace that hangs off the front. As a dog I love getting or buying a new collar that has elaborate designs that I can show off to other pups.



il_340x270.672869565_ppt1 MBA072 BON4 Dog Tail Buttplug

Be it silicone or fur a tail is an important piece for a pups or kittens mind space, also any pup or kitten would be excited to have a new soft tail that they could wear around.



Pups will appreciate new toys for you to throw around and use to play fetch with, and kittens will love little balls with bells and toy mice.







  • Ears/hood
  • Treats
  • Books

3 thoughts on “Ideal Gifts For Your Pet

  1. kilala14 says:

    Where you find that furry tail at i hav have looking for a new one :0


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