Top 5 Kinkiest Cities in the World

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November 11, 2014 by jayce428

  1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is probably one of the most craziest cities in the North America. Canada is very liberal and that’s why people move to Canada for it’s cultural and social standpoint. The part that amazed me that the ‘Montreal Fetish Weekend’ has over 1000 attendees each year.

2. Stockholm, Sweden 

Sweden is an amazing and awesome already but this just adds to it, come on in the month of June EVERYONE has FOUR weeks off. But the next thing after that the Swedes have had traditionally a liberal view on sexuality, but fetishism has been considered taboo until recently it has a foothold in their society.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam might be one of the most wildest city of the lot, and the place most people who want to go on vacation and party at same time. But it seems that the BDSm doesn’t quite have as strong of foothold in Amsterdam as Sweden.

4. San Francisco, USA


San Francisco is the hosts one of the biggest BDSM fairs in the world, the Folsom Street Fair. A large group of people come to San Francisco in September ending Leather Pride.

5. Tokyo, Japan


Some might describe the Japanese culture as messed up, they have this reasonable sense of marketing any and all services that people might want. They do provide a plethora of service that other countries probably don’t provide. They consider rope bondage an art – which is also called Shibari or ‘to tie’. Or ‘erotic binding’ known as Kinbaku, which Shibari used to be just military binding but has moved to many Japanese bedrooms.


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