11/11/2014 – Journal Entry

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November 11, 2014 by jayce428

Keeping-a-Journal-More-Precious-than-GoldAs you could probably imagine I’m not an expert at keeping a journal online or offline. I usually keep a hidden file on my desktop where I keep journal entries because I’m frightened of anyone finding them, but I understand this isn’t a rational fear because the PC that I do write my journal entries in are on MY laptop, and no body besides me has access to it.

Things have been much more eventful recently, I now have more time to play and have found another pet who likes to play occasionally – he lives in another town a bit too far for convenience. But we’ve been emailing each other and we Skype sometimes.

Right now I’ve been taking care of our elderly cat, who is probably 15-years-old by now, and just helping my dad make a career out of blogging since it’s tough to find a job in a small town. I have found that even with my unfinished undergrad status I have most of the skills and understanding to run a small business.

The next step in my blogging career is to schedule when I’m going to be posting each day.


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