Feeding Your Human Pup

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November 10, 2014 by jayce428


Warning: Never feed a human-pup actual dog food! Many will say that dog food isn’t seriously harmful to humans but it is.


As a suggestion you can feed your pup cold canned soups like ‘beef stew’ or a vegan alternative depending on their diet, and also there are ‘gag’ or ‘fake’ versions of animal foods which I found a good one here, and someone like me can substitute the meats for tofu or any other vegetarian/vegan alternative.

Most animal foods will not have the amount of nutrition that your human dog needs.


It’s suggested that the bowls or dishes that are used (especially ones that are going to be placed on the floor) need to be ran through the dishwasher or cleaned with bleach/soap before each use, and between each meal. Just remember: if you wouldn’t eat/drink out of it, chances are it needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning your dog/cat dishes will prevent the build up of mold, bugs, and bacteria which can make your pup/cat sick.


As a human-pup and an animal owner the most annoying ever is the fact that the bowls (especially the plastic and metal bowls) move around everywhere. There are two options for this a mat or a serving tray.


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