What I enjoy Most about Puppy Play?

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October 27, 2014 by jayce428


“Pet play involves one or more people acting as an animal with typically the submissive being the animal and the Dominant being the “Owner” and/or “Trainer.” I have heard of the Dominant being the animal and Dominating his/her submissive that way, such as holding the submissive down with a bite on the neck, but I am unfamiliar with this.”


Puppy play may appear to be a strange and unusual activity for people to be involved in, but some people use puppy play as a form of D/s relationship and the reason for being interested varies person to person. I’ve always been interested because I like being owned by a Master or a Dominate, and being treated and acting like an animal. Puppy play also helps to prevent an access of stress, and not to mention once you really get into puppy play it’s a good way to meet others who have been in for longer – this way you can learn more about puppy play you may not learn online and from books.

A human being a pup wants to let go of inhibitions, and take a break from the stress of the human world for a time by being a different being.


Also, the biggest reason I’ve gone to pup play instead of being a slave or submissive is because while engaging in pup play it’s a way to break free from judgement – a pup doesn’t care if their acting silly or doing something that amuses their owners.


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