Looking For Questions and Suggestions

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October 26, 2014 by jayce428

I’ve been looking for ideas on what to post as far as BDSM and Puppy Play are concerned. I’ve constructed a fair and a variety of questions that seem reasonable and relates to the topics. These questions will be answered with in the next three months in separate posts.

The Questions To Be Answered

What do B&D, S&M, D&S, “top”, “bottom” mean?

What is a “scene”, and what is “negotiation”?

What is a “safeword”?

What are some basics of safe SM, emotionally and physically?

Is everyone either a top or a bottom?  What’s a “switch”?

How can I learn to be a good top?

How can I learn to be a good bottom?

Is BDSM sexual?

Why is bondage fun?

Why is whipping fun?

What is body piercing? What is “C&B” play, or “genitorture”?

What is cutting/play piercing/burning/branding/electrical play? What are “bloodsports”?

What is it about breath control? Is it safe to make someone pass out?

What are “golden showers”? How about “scat”?

Is anal sex safe? Why do people do it?

What is “fisting”?

Does the way I play qualify as “real” SM? What is “real” SM, anyway?

What is it about leather/latex/high heels/corsets/other fetishes?

What about shaving body hair and/or crossdressing?

Why am I defending SM?

Is SM degrading or abusive? Were most SM people abused?

Why is SM taboo, and is SM criminal, unnatural, immoral, unethical, or unhealthy?

Isn’t the bottom always in control?

Can someone really be someone else’s slave?

My fantasies scare me. What if I get too into SM?

What’s the deal with this anonymity stuff?

Are SM people being politically and socially harassed?


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