Gear Review – New Tail Red Fox Tail With Silicone Plug

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October 26, 2014 by jayce428



Click on the picture to go to the site from which I purchased it. 


Recently I bought a new tail on Etsy – my first time ever buying anything from Etsy in fact, and I was looking for a new tail for puppy play. I can across TheSpankAcadamy shop on Etsy and found out they sold fur tails, handcuffs, paddles, floggers, and more. I wanted a tail that was made of real fur and was at least 13 inches long. I came across this one and it fit my needs and would fulfill it’s purpose. I’ve never bought a butt plug before (my other tail is attachable to clothing), and wasn’t 100% what size of plug to get. I ended up getting the medium size plug which fit very well luckily, and this is just me since I’ve never purchased a butt plug previously.

The product is 15 inches or 38 centimeters in length, it’s very fuzzy and soft, and the most important part of all was that the packaging was discreet. I do like the silicone plug which is quite soft and easy to clean. I would recommend this product since I paid $30 for this it’s one of the most important aspects of puppy play for me. But I do want to tell you that the actual product you’ll receive will vary – mine had more of a white tip then the one provided in the picture above, but was still very happy with the product.


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