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October 24, 2014 by jayce428

How Did You Discover You Were Kinky?

Figuring out that I was kinky wasn’t the hard part, but it took a long time to get myself in a state where I actually like myself. It started out at the age of 9, this was the time I discovered porn using my computer which was a Windows XP, and I thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world – this was of course until my computer needed fixed and we sent it to my uncle and aunts to see if it could be fixed, and surely it was fixed the next month. My aunt came to me and basically said that I needed to stop watching porn because it was bad for me, and I carried that through elementary and high school. I thought watching pornography was bad and masturbating was bad. And for years I did this in private afraid someone would find out hiding in shame.

During my time hiding I found out about BDSM and this was around 16 when everyone in my high school was having sex, or had already had experiences. I on the other hand was too afraid to talk to people afraid they might find out, or they might say it’s weird. This was the darkest time in my life where I was discovering who I was and what I was.

I used this time to develop interests such as puppy play and other BDSM activities, and that I was transgender which I now struggle with. I spent way too much time worried about such a trivial thing when all these things are completely normal! Now at the age of nineteen, I’ve already have a taste for alcohol and cigarettes – that’s actually not that much of a shocker most people my age do.

As retribution, I am trying to regain my confidence in myself, and changing my body to suit how I feel.

Umm…. So… Yep, that’s it. There is no dramatic story about meeting some handsome man, and having him do some naughty things to me. Just some normal teenage drama.


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