Puppy Play

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October 21, 2014 by jayce428


I learned about pup space when I was reading an post written by THEHAPPYPUP about how they entered this magical place, but this wasn’t the initial – “oh, I’m interested in this”. I was already very kinky before finding out about puppy play, I got into puppy play because I was already into BDSM and was very stressed out in my day-to-day life. Puppy play was the way that I could engage in an activity that included submission but was relaxing.

“As part of my training I’ve been working on “letting go”. You see in my real life job it’s very brain intensive. I need to be quick thinking and sometimes I need to have rapid access to a number of protocols when things are going wrong fast.

As a result of this I tend to be quite a thinker. Definitely I tend to over think so the focus on the “now” of pup play has been very appealing to me. No worrying about the past or the future, just the present.”

As I was reading this I noticed that when I’m in my head-space I am quite focused on what I’m doing, and the next second I’m thinking about something I’m worried about. It’s quite unfortunate, because one of the benefits of pup play is the advantage of being able to leave worries and stresses behind and for an hour or more you don’t think of human emotion.

And when I can fully enter pup space I’m just so ecstatic about whatever I’m doing – be it rolling around or playing with a squeaky ball.

The most successful way I’ve been able to enter pup space has been to first sort of meditate, and just calm my self at the same time reminding myself why I like pup play so much. I may not have a master or other pups to play with but I’m still quite happy, and it’s pup play that makes me happy.


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